About PotDomains.com

Social Media is a huge part of today's marketing landscape and having a clever, brand-able domain is the first step. By adding your properties to our marijuana domain name marketplace we put you in the spotlight for a return on your investment. Potdomains has a vast amount of cannabis domain buyers which we monitor, send out newsletters, and offer promotions for are certified buyers.

Adding your domains

Potdomains allows users to freely list and sell their domain names, by adding your domain name to our system we allow this at no charge; However we do occur a 15% fee as a brokerge comission for the potdomains website and company.

Once your domains are added you can find our sales lander by using our DNS servers below:


Why would I want a Landing Page

By using our landing pages we make sure active buyers will find your domain name. All our sales have been through users using our sales lander; below are reasons why using our landing page is beneficial to selling your portfolio. 

When a user types or goes to your url and nothing is being utilized on the domain or using default Godaddy registration page the average person does not go the extra step and find a whois service to find out the information of the owner.  Over the years we have come to realize it's best to setup a sales lander and make sure the user finds your domain and able to purchase the domain the first time around. 


If you need to get in touch with our team we can be contacted at "info@potdomains.com"

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Delray Beach, FL. 33444